Storage Heroes have helped hundreds of people throughout the years and we earned that name for a reason.

We didn't want to just profit off of buying & selling, although that is nice,  we really wanted to give back to our community and the people in it.   We have quarterly sales for certain charities and often donate items that go unsold for long periods of time that cannot be refurbished or repurposed.  We're also committed to reusing and recycling (and up cycling) wherever possible.

In addition to the items we have for sale, here are some of the services we provide:

Garage Sale Consultation - We're the nationwide experts in garage sales and Rebecca is the author of the book "How to Have the Best Yard Sale Ever", which you can purchase here for $19.99.  You can also hire us to appraise your items via photos or in person and price your items, we'll also suggest staging and marketing.   Garage sale consulting starts at $99.   You can also buy our custom sign packages starting at $25.

Garage Sale from Start to Finish - We'll run your entire garage sale, from helping you decide which items to sell, helping you package them, listing ads, making signs, and we'll work the sale for you from start to finish on sale day.  We'll even sell items online that we think we can get more money for.  It is your choice whether you want to stay and play or leave your home and the sale completely up to us.  We can even have the sales on our property.   Garage sale commissions start at 25%. 

Estate Sales - If a loved one has passed, is in hospice, or is no longer able to make decisions regarding their property and effects we are here to help.  We have experience with hoarding as well, and know how difficult it can be to let go of items that have not only value, but memories as well.  We have dealt with family members and grief stricken families dealing with great loss.  It is our honor to be able to help these families to the best of our ability.  We'll step in and take care of every single thing so you don't have to, including cleaning the house, and we even have a Realtor on board for listing the property if that's necessary.   Our estate sale commission starts at 50% but it includes all services provided.   

Save your Storage Unit -  If you have a storage unit that is pending auction sale and you cannot afford the bill we can work with you to pay the bill on the unit.  Once this is done we require you to pay us back or allow us to sell the items that you do not want to keep in the unit until your obligation is met and we make our percentage of commission. 

Listing Items Online - We'll sell your items on eBay, etsy, Bonanza, VarageSale, and other applicable sites  for 30% commission less applicable fees.  eBay generally charges a 9% listing fee, plus you need to factor in packaging & shipping charges, if applicable.

Appraise your Items - We offer free appraisal of all items you can bring to us up to 8 items.  If you bring an item more than once or bring an item we've appraised to a competitor for sale we reserve the right to charge you for any future appraisals.  We also will charge $50 per hour on appraisals if you are having us appraise more than 8 items, unless we end up taking your items on consignment.

For questions about particular services, please contact us here.

We have won awards for being's top estate sale company in the state of Louisiana and nationwide for many years running.  You can see our past sales here & our awards here